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Clinical Trials


Clinical Trials

The First Valley Medical Group is very excited to participate in clinical research activities which help in our quest to advance medicine. We conduct various clinical research studies through our collaboration with renowned innovative industry partners. Clinical trials activities give an opportunity to avail a cutting edge and novel treatment that can be beneficial to our certain group of patients.

Clinical trials mainly help to determine the safety and efficacy of new drug molecules. There are different phases of clinical trials, including Type I to Type IV. As the experimental molecule advances through trials, its safety and efficacy will determine whether to make it available to general populations or not. First Valley Medical Group mainly conducts later stage clinical trials where the safety and efficacy of the drug has been extensively tested as per requirement of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and FDA.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic clinical research team includes physician, physician assistant, clinical research coordinator, and clinical research assistant to assure the quality and beneficial experience for a volunteer who is interested in participating in our current clinical trials. Our main aim of conducting clinical trials is to avail the novel and cutting edge treatment to our patients who are in need of it.

Benefits of clinical trial participations:

  • Free clinical trial treatments.
  • Free office visits.
  • Appropriate compensation for your time and participations.
  • Taking charge of your health care needs by playing amore active role
  • Gain access to potential treatment before it's widely available.
  • Helping future generations by your contribution in the advancement of medicine.

Current clinical trials offered:

  • Diabetes clinical trials.
  • Dementia clinical trials.

Upcoming clinical study opportunities:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Obesity
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Geriatric Depression
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